Little Memories and Weather has been nice at Contemporary Istambul / by Andrea Wolf

13 September 2017 / Preview (by invitation only)
14-17 September 2017
The Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Center
BOOTH B1-119
İstanbul Lütfi Kırdar Uluslararası Kongre Ve Sergi Sarayı
Gümüş Cad. No:4 34367

CONTEMPORARY ISTANBUL shows both established and emerging galleries. It prides itself in bringing together artists and collectors from Turkey, the Caucasus, the Black Sea, Russia and the Middle East, as well as from Europe, America and Asia. 

Andrea Wolf will be showing works from the series Little Memories and new pieces from Weather has been nice at CONTEMPORARY ISTANBUL Art Fair, with Isabel Croxatto Gallery.

Weather has been nice is a series of generative videos in which vintage found postcards are slowly broken down into their basic elements using a pixel sorting algorithm that generates a dynamic glitch.

Little Memories I am working with the concept of scale to create tiny, intimate video installations using super 8 home movies and found footage. Little mock-ups and found objects are combined with projections and video mapping to create intimate souvenirs that reflect on how fleeting memories are brought back to us.