Weather Has Been Nice at Sonar Chile / by Martha Naranjo

Saturday 5, 13:00 - 23:00
Sonar Festival Santiago
Suricato Hangar, 
former Airport of Los Cerillos
Santiago, Chile.

Sonar is a music and technology festival originated in Barcelona in 1994. Sonar Santiago 2015 was located in the hangars and the airstrip of a former aerodrome. As part of Sonar+d I was commissioned to make work to be projected onto an approximately 40 meter wide airplane hangar. 

Using a custom-made pixel sorting algorithm, Weather Has Been Nice slowly breaks down vintage found postcards into their basic elements, lunging the static images into an ongoing decay – creating a system where the elements are continuously regenerating and composing new images. For this iteration of the project, the algorithm was a visualization of data from the travel habits in Chile and statistics of aerial traffic of the same country.

Mailed from around the world, with their exaggerated colors and iconic images, these commoditized landscapes are non-places – at the same time unknown and familiar. Weather Has Been Nice presents us with images unfolding, becoming images. By appreciating these postcards as an instant that unfolds, this project unpacks the complex relationship between memory and place revealing that neither is a fixed static entity outside of ourselves, but rather an intimate experience in constant transformation.

Julio Terra, programming
Oscar Lluquen, programming and data visualization