Paraspace at Media Center / by Martha Naranjo

October 5 – October 30, 2015
Opening Reception: Monday, October, 6-9 PM
Made in NY Media Center by IFP - 30 John Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Featuring work by Alfredo Salazar Caro, Andrea Wolf, Anton Marini & Danielle Ezzo, CHiKA, [DNASAb], Katie Torn, Nicolas Rupcich, Rosa Menkman, and Sarah Rothberg. 

Curated by artists in residence Andrea Wolf and CHiKA, Paraspace is a group show that explores cyberspace and the rhetorical conditions of its existence. 

Paraspace is a term created by writer Samuel R. Delaney to refer to an alternate ‘space’ existing parallel to normal or ordinary space. A linguistically intensified zone, paraspace is both a conceptual and material realm that we can enter with the help of technology, and that is affected and affects ‘real’ space.

This exhibition explores ways in which contemporary artists using digital tools address cyberspace, body, and nature in the post internet time. The selected artists use animation, 3D computer graphics, video, and glitches to model virtually simulated scenes out of the detritus of internet and consumer culture. Paraspace  presents an imploded realm where the ontological status of subject and landscape is opened to question and position for redefinition.