MPS Interactive Telecommunications Program, 2011, New York University
MFA Digital Arts, 2006 Universidad Pompeu Fabra
MFA Documentary Films, 2005 Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona
B.A Journalism and Social Communications, 2003, Universidad Católica de Chile


2014     Counterpath/ Denver, USA                             Unsolicited Memories, video installation
2013     Parker Projects/ Miami, USA                            Weather has been nice, video installation
2013     Central Utah Arts Center/ Utah, USA               Six memories I never had, video installation
2012     AFA Gallery/ Santiago, Chile                            Six memories I never had, video installation
2011      One by One Gallery/ New York, USA               Little Memories, video sculpture
2011      Yashar Gallery/ New York, USA                       Little Memories, video sculpture
2011      Local Project/ New York, USA                         Untitled, video installation
             “As things appear to be”


2016    LIGHT YEAR 13: THE BODY PREVAILS/ videos projected onto the Manhattan Bridge/ NY, USA
2016    Williamsburg Art & Historical Center/ Brooklyn, NY, USA/ “Light, Form and Symbol”
2015    Sonar Festival/ Sonar +d/ Santiago, Chile
2015    Grin Gallery/ Providence, USA/ “Woander”
2015    Bitforms Gallery/ New York, USA/ “Memory Burn”
2015    Fireproof Gallery/ New York, USA/ “Luminary”
2015    SPRING/BREAK Art Show/ New York
2015    Radiator Art Gallery/ LIC, NY
2014    Butter Gallery/ Miami, USA
2014    Matucana 100/ Santiago, Chile/ “Territorios Fronterizos”
2014    Select Art Fair/ Miami, USA/ Bushwick Art Crit Group Gallery Booth
2014     Dumbo Arts Festival, curated exhibit/ St. Ann’s Warehouse, Brooklyn, NY.
2014     REVERSE/ New York, USA / “Of Landscape”                             
2013     INTERACTIVE ART FAIR, Miami / “Of Landscape”                      
2013     MIT Media Lab/ Boston, USA / “Encuentros” – demo section
2013     AIM Bronx Museum Biennial / Wave Hill / New York, USA
2013     Tou Scene/ Stavanger, Norway / “Memory Lost and Found”                               
2013     International Visual Culture Festival / Kiev, Ukraine
2012     Chilean Embassy/ Washington DC / “Invisible Architects”                                               
2012     White Box Gallery/ New York, USA / “Latin Labour Day”             
2012     House of Government Cultural Center/ Santiago, Chile / “Reflecta”
2012     Paley Center/ New York, USA / “Luminance”                                                        
2012     AFA Gallery/ Santiago, Chile                               
2012     Museum of Contemporary Art/ Stgo, Chile / “10th Video and New Media Arts Biennial”
2011      The TV of tomorrow/ New York, USA                 
2011      Scholes 319/ New York, USA / “Hello World”                                                    
2011      11, rue Thérèse/ Paris, France / “Replica2”                                                        
2010     Museum of Memory and Human Rights/ Santiago, Chile / “Winnipeg, The Circular Exile”
2009    Contemporary Art Museum/ Santiago, Chile / “9th Video and New Media Arts Biennial”     
2008    Fundación Telefónica/ Santiago, Chile / “Tesla, Digital Culture Meeting”
2007    Medialab/ Madrid, Spain / “First meeting: New artistic dynamics on web 2.0”


2016    DKNY: multichannel video installation inspired in the NY subway for the window of Donna Karan New York’s
            Flagship store in Soho, as part of a collaboration between DKNY and NEW INC.
2016    Electric Objects collection: “Weather has been nice”
2012    Sony: make believe sponsored art project/ Santiago, Chile
            Video mapping projection on to building façade of Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center in Santiago,
            consisting on the silhouette of dancer that moved through the building.
2012    Absolut Blank Campaign/ Santiago, Chile                 
           Production of video for the brand that was projected on public areas and building facades through
           Santiago. Video mapping projection for an event at the W Hotel.
2012    Design the future of your brand with youtube/ Spain
            Video for Media Markt
2011     Design the future of your brand with youtube/ Milan, Italy
            Video sculptures for L’Oreal Paris, Heineken, Citroën, and Kellogg’s
2008   Container theater Festival/ Valparaiso, Chile
            Visuals for the play How much do you cost?
2008   Direction and Design of the First Eastern Island Film Festival – Rapa Nui Film Fest - website.


2016    REVERSE, New York, USA/ in collaboration with Artistic Research for Memory Prosthetics
            “Digital Memory (Prosthetics)” Panel Discussion
2015    REVERSE, New York, USA / “Synaesthetics”
2013    INTERACTIVE ART FAIR, Miami / “Of Landscape”
2013    REVERSE, New York, USA / “Uncharted Waters”
2012    REVERSE, New York, USA / “Words to be seen & the sound of speech”


2016    School of Visual Arts/ MFA in Art Practice/ New York, USA
           “Artists as Gallerists” Pannel
2016    NY Media Center by IFP/ New York, USA
            “Explorations: Digital Art Workflows” Panel
2015-   Pacific Northwestern College of Art/ Low Residency MFA in Visual Studies Mentoring
2016    Program
2015    University of Cincinnati/ Cincinnati, USA
            The Visiting Artists & Scholars Series
2014    Fireproof Gallery/ Brooklyn, New York, USA
            Bushwick Art Crit Group
2014    Center for Digital Culture (CCD)/ Mexico City, Mexico
            “Unsolicited Memories; archival exercises” (lecture)
2014    Center for Digital Culture (CCD)/ Mexico City, Mexico
            2 week Video Sculpture Workshop
2013    Universidad de Santiago/ Advanced Studies Research Center/ Santiago, Chile
            “Foundfootage and videoart”
2013     International Visual Culture Festival/ Kiev, Ukraine
            “Memory, time, and image”
2012     Universidad de Santiago/ Advanced Studies Research Center/ Santiago, Chile
            Presentation of recent work
2009   Universidad Diego Portales/ Santiago, Chile
            The unknown university conference/ School of Creative Writing: Dialogue on literature and
            new media.
2009    Colegio Monseñor Silva Henríquez and Colegio Arzobispo Crescente Errázuriz, 
             Fundación Belén Educa/ Santiago, Chile
             One Semester workshop on photography, city, and visual culture.
2009    EX TERESA cultural center/ Mexico City, Mexico
             memoryFrames (lecture)
2008    Universidad de Chile/ Visual Arts MFA/ Santiago Chile
             Teaching Assistant in the Visual Operations Workshop.
2008    Universidad de Chile / Industrial Engineer School/ Santiago, Chile
             Arts and Technology (lecture)
2008    Universidad Católica de Chile/ Communications School/ Santiago, Chile
             Videoart and Expanded Cinema (lecture)
2007    MEDIALAB/ Madrid, Spain
            New artistic dynamics on web 2.0: memoryFrames, interactive narratives.
2006    Instituto Hebreo/ Summer School/ Santiago, Chile
            Cinema workshop’s teacher.


2015-   NEW INC, the New Museum Incubator Program/
2016    Full time Member
2015    New York Media Center/ Artist in residence
2013    Bronx Museum/ Artist in the Market Place Fellowship Program (AIM) 2013
2009-  New York University/ Tisch School of the Arts/ Interactive Telecommunicatioms Program     
2011    Tisch School of the Arts Departamental Fellowship


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