Electric Objects: Weather Has Been Nice / by Martha Naranjo

electric objects

2016 | series of 8 Generative Videos | Found Postcards, Pixel-Sorting Custom Processing Application | 1080 X 1920

Electric Objects is a digital art platform whose mission is to put digital art on a wall in every home. It consists of a digital display in which you can project videos and animated gifs. You can select what you want to display from a curated selection of artworks, the Art Club. I made eight new pieces from my project Weather Has Been Nice for their collection.

Using a custom-made pixel sorting algorithm, Weather Has Been Nice slowly breaks down vintage found postcards  into their basic elements, lunging the static images into an ongoing decay – creating a system where the elements are continuously regenerating and composing new images.

Mailed from around the world, with their exaggerated colors and iconic images, these commoditized landscapes are non-places – at the same time unknown and familiar. By appreciating these postcards as an instant that unfolds, this project unpacks the complex relationship between memory and place revealing that neither is a fixed static entity outside of ourselves, but rather an intimate experience in constant transformation.

You can find this collection here