Absolut Blank: video - public intervention by andrea wolf

In ABSOLUT BLANK, Absolut Vodka made its iconic bottle into a blank canvas to inspire artists throughout the world to collaborate and fill it with creativity. I was invited to participate in the campaign made in Chile, which consisted on the production of an original video made for the campaign that was projected in building facades and murals throughout Santiago. To complement my work I did a live video performance at the W Hotel in Santiago.

For this video piece, I started exploring a blend between video and painting or as I call it, painting with video. So using the physicality and the embodied movements of painting, I fill up the screen with video brush strokes, making a time-based canvas.

This public intervention was accompanied by a website featuring the 4 Chilean artists selected to participate in this project. http://www.absolutblank.cl/

Design the future of your brand with YouTube by andrea wolf

2011, New York - MIlan

The marketing directors of several youtube clients in Italy were asked to write one word that describes how they see the future of their brand. With these keywords, the artists that participated in this project had
These keywords – in relation to the corresponding brand – were what the artists participating in this project had to base our work on.The brands I worked with and their keywords were Citroen/ movement; Heineken/entertaining; Kellogg’s/ sunny; L’Oreal/ Parisienne.
The pieces were shown in an exhibit in Milan.
more info at: http://www.youtube.com/thefutureofyourbrand